'Name:' George Stacy

'Age: 'early to mid 40s

'Skills:' Talented detective, excellent police officer,

'History/Personality: 'George Stacy has always wanted to be a police officer ever since he was a small child. He joined the force and the young age of 20 yrs old and has been on the force ever since. He is a by the book type of cop but he has his moments of throwing the book out the window but only when the situation calls for it. His no nonsense attitude commands respect, which he usually receives from everyone that has been under his command. He is the loving Father of Gwen Stacy, and the once partner to another well respected cop: Terry Lee. George was one of the first people to meet Spider-man and it was an instant distrust mostly because of the mask, but George Stacy has always followed his gut on certain things and his gut is telling him that Spider-man can be trusted, but as to whether he will trust him only time will tell.