Name: Matt Murdock

Age: 29-30

Skills: Expert Martial artists to the highest degree; trained by stick at age 12 to be a Ninja.

Personality: at a young age Matt's father was brutally murdered and as a result Matt grew up with a deep rage that only got worse as each day passed, it wasn't until he met stick that he learned how to channel that anger into something positive, he became a lawyer to punish the wicked and help the innocent. At Night Matt continues to protect the innocent as the scarlet Vigilante Daredevil. Through various circumstances Matt found out that Wilson Fisk was the Kingpin and that Fisk was the one that murdered his father, and from that moment on Daredevil has waged a personal war against his nemesis. During one night he comes across Peter and he sees a bit of himself in Peter, which is why he chose to train him in the arts of being a ninja.