'Name: 'Wilson Fisk

'Age: 'Late 30s early 40s

'Abilities: 'Highly intelligent, 400pounds of pure muscle, extremely resourceful.

'History/Personality: 'Wilson Fisk grew up extremely poor, and extremely overweight. As a result of this he was ridiculed mercilessly at school and around his neighborhood. His parents were honest workers, but being honest didn't bring money into the house. One day Wilson got sick of being bullied so he brought a knife to school and stabbed one of the bullies a total of 6 times. The boy lived but was forever scarred. Wilson on the other had got sent to juvenile, where he quickly learned how to fight. Being released from juvenile at the age 17, Fisk began his life of crime, doing small jobs for the local gangsters it was at this time he began to do a lot of reading and a lot of lifting weights. At age 18 he was arrested again and sent to prison upstate. After being released at age 22 he vowed to himself that he would never again go to prison. It was at this time he join Don Regoletto's gang, a major player in the crime racket, and it was at this time he did an initiation job for Don Regoletto; kill a boxer named Jack Murdock for not throwing a fight. Fisk Killed Jack Murdock with out a second thought, thus become a trusted member of Don Regoletto's inner circle. 5 yrs later He killed Don Regoletto and took over his gang and cemented himself as the Kingpin of Crime.