'Name: 'Sable Manfreddi

'Age: '29

'Skills: 'Expert in firearms, and a variety of Martial arts such as: judo, jujitsu, Kenpo, Eskrima, and sword fighting.

'Personality/History: 'Sable grew up extremely privileged, due to her Father illegal activities. When she was 6 one of her Father's enemies targeted her to get to him, but she was saved by her mother who tragically lost her life in the process. From that moment on Sable swore she would never be weak again. She has had extensive Martial arts and Firearm training since she was 7. At age 12 her Father began to train her in the ways of criminal life. She loves her Father Silvio Silvermane very dearly and will kill anyone who tries to harm him or his business. She is highly intelligent and highly resourceful just like her Father.